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Might I ask where the term Oheanika came from? Kahuroa 10:09, 14 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)

Page 145 of Ngata's "Maori Grammar and Conversation" - listed as the translation of "Oceanica". You probably have a more authoritative word in mind. Let's have it and go with it. Robin Patterson 20:17, 14 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)
Which raises the further question, what is Oceanica? I'll try to find out what Oceania would be. Kahuroa 00:13, 15 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)
One can assume that it was Ngata's (or an editor's) misapprehension of "Oceania". Clearly that was the intention, because the list was headed "VII.--NAMES OF THE PRINCIPAL COUNTRIES." and subtitled "Ko nga ingoa o nga whenua nui ēnei" but included continents at one end of the continuum and a few states such as Bohemia and New South Wales at the other. Several have been superseded by the listing in "Te Matatiki"; but Oceania is not there.
Searching "Te Ara" for "Oceania" has just produced this:
"Aroha mai.
"Kāore i kitea te mea e rapu nā koe. ..."
Searching "Ngata-online" produces nothing. A search for "ocean" produces five results, with just "moana" being used for all the literal ones. Pacific Ocean is (unsurprisingly) "Te Moana nui ā Kiwa" (which may want a couple of hyphens in other dialects). Interestingly, Atlantic Ocean is just "Moana Ranatiki", though it has a "te" prefixed in a sentence (in contrast to "Te Moana nui ā Kiwa" which keeps "Te" capitalised in a sentence).
Searching gives nothing.
Robin Patterson 01:14, 15 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)
As I said I will find out what Oceania would be. Give me a few days Kahuroa 05:20, 15 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)