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Well, I'm sure Perl (to whom we are in debt for his contribution to getting this Wikipedia really rolling over a 2-month period, after Brion did a basic starting edit on 26 Hanuere 2004 and User:A_Pakeha soon got stuck in too) knew what he meant by that: he would have found it in an English-Maori dictionary. But Perl hasn't contributed anything in the last 54 weeks and must be considered unlikely to return. The Reed Pocket dictionary says this: "whakatau(-ria) decide, charge (legal), to bark, intently". Take your pick!! Anyway, our recently-arrived sysop from Germany (Reinhardt in München) has apparently (as the entry has "N" beside it) just created a related page: "N 09:15 User:MediaWiki default (diff; hist) . . Gangleri (Talk | block) (please do not delete this)", so we can respect that, whatever it all means! Robin Patterson 01:12, 2 May 2005 (UTC)

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