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Haere mai!

This website has bugged me all week and I cannot stay away, so I have decided to make myself known. -- A Pakeha 09:26, 20 Feb 2004 (UTC)

My previous contributions have been as:

I appear to be the first ordinary user on this Wikipedia for the Maori language. I think it would be cool that a Maori Wikipedia existed. However, I have on HUGE problem - I do not speak, or read, Maori. That is why this is in English instead.

Is there anyone willing to be a translator? If there is there are several article in the English Wikipedi that could be readily translated.

I recognise that I may not be able to contribute to content too much, but I may be able to help someone who is not familiar with Wikipedia and give them a boost to get things up and running. To this end, I have started a few articles with the key word and an (English) appeal for translators. These terms have also been linked from the English Wikipedia articles.

I have also edited the pages that exist in the Wikipedia: namespace - where all the Wikipedia:Help|help, Wikipedia:How_does_one_edit_a_page|Editing help and other policy and information pages go. I have linked these to the corresponding pages in the English Wikipedia. This includes Wikipedia:Copyrights, Wikipedia:General_disclaimer, Wikipedia:User preferences help, Wikipedia:About|About Wikipedia (Wikipedia:About) and the GNU_FDL|GNU Free Documentation License articles. -- 09:32, 20 Feb 2004 (UTC)

Having thought about this for a couple of days there is a need to create a page that references the :en:Wikipedia:Main_Page|English Language Wikipedia articles that should be in the Maori Language Wikipedia. This should not be on the main page but in some sort of strategy page, thus I created Wikipedia:Wikipedia English Language articles about Maori subjects as a place for all those links to go. This would act as a resource to start articles in Maori.

There is probably also the need for a page to translate all the functions on the sidebars and other functions into Maori terms. Perhaps MediaWiki:Maori_Terminology to allow a programmer to convert all the MediaWiki:All_messages|Wiki Messages into Maori. -- 03:32, 21 Feb 2004 (UTC)