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You offered to help on this Wikipedia a couple of weeks ago, and I replied to one of your messages saying help is most welcome, but perhaps you didn't see that. I am the caretaker of this Wikipedia, but my knowledge of te reo is not sufficient for me to contribute significantly. If you want suggestions on where to start, let me know the sort of subjects you are interested in and I'll see what comes to mind. As a start, would you like to write at least a paragraph on Wira Gardiner?

In general, articles on each language Wikipedia are written independently; they are not translations from another language. Māori Wikipedia discourages machine translations because they are not very good. The text of articles must be in te reo, but the references can be in any language (as they can be on English Wikipedia), and you are welcome to use either Māori or English on talk pages. For convenience, templates use English names.

If you need any help with templates that exist on the English Wikipedia but don't exist or don't have the same functionality here, let me know.-gadfium (talk) 22:25, 18 Māehe 2022 (UTC)[reply]