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Huh?[edit source]

Hello. Is there some reason you needed to make over 80 edits to update the infobox on Nōwei? I often make edits without previewing and end up having to go back and check things, but 80 seems to be quite a lot. Are you using some kind of bot? Don't take this as a criticism necessarily; I'm just curious what your workflow is. PiRSquared17 (talk) 22:34, 6 Māehe 2019 (UTC)

Hello PiRSquared17, I do not use any bot but I am writing this code by hand. The reason I separate it into several edits is that I was once given advice to do it this way because if I made a mistake or did something that should need to be taken away in a language not familiar to me, it would be easier to to correct or take back that part only without having to rewrite all the other sections, by using the «reset»-button on that section only. A second reason is that I have to constantly look up the correct data from other pages as I write, and by doing it this way I will not loose so much if I accidently close the page or do anything wrong for any reason. Magnefl (talk) 09:14, 7 Māehe 2019 (UTC)