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(Pākehā for much of what follows, but Māori would be welcomed by some of us!)

Shouldn't this be "Te reo Māori" (with a capital letter)? Compare use on official websites:

  • This first sentence from the "Background" to Māori Television: "The Māori language is the cornerstone of Māori culture"
  • The use of the term "the Māori language", and headings such as "Mō te reo Māori", by the Māori Language Commission

If nobody disagrees in the next little while, one of us can arrange whatever's necessary to change it. Some links point here, some to the capitalised version; no doubt proficient Wikipedians can work around that!

Robin 20/4/04

Whakanui to Tatau ake Maramatanga[edit source]

Ko te wawata ka marama tetehi atu i tenei rau kotahi i te rerenga o nga wharangi korero, a ka tae panui mai ai. Anei ra te patai: ko wai i tuhi ai he reo kotahi ta tatau? Ko ia e u ai ki tona ake ka marama - he reo no Nga Puhi he reo no Whanganui he reo no ia pito. A, ta ia reo he mita. Ana, kaore nga puka o Best ma i u ai ki nga reo katoa, no te mea kaore ana mana hei nohotahi i te katoa o nga pukorero. Nei ra he rauemi tenei mea ko 'te matapunenga utukore' ma tatau ko nga kaitito ko nga kaipanui ko nga kaihapai o te reo, ma tatau ano te ture e whakarite ma nga wharangi nei. Ko taua ture e ki ai me pehea e whakawaa i te tika i te he o te tuhinga kua tae mai. Kia hiahia rawa a Hemi Wales (ko te tumuaki o te kamupene nei) me ana ringawera i te karu Maori me whakanui i a tatau ake maramatanga ehara te maramatanga no ao ke. E te iwi, whakatakotoria to korero. Kati.Te KarereTe Karere 12:54, 11 Noema 2011 (UTC)

Tā Biggs[edit source]

Kei a au te pukapuka nei; ā te wā ka whakaroa ai mō ngā reo-ā-iwi. Kahuroa 19:39, 29 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

Does that one use double vowels? Robin Patterson 01:06, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)
It does, but there are ways to quote that get around whatever problem you are foreseeing. Kahuroa 05:02, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

Papakupu[edit source]

I presume the language has extended so that "Papakupu" includes a wholly-online translator. Robin Patterson 01:06, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

Tikinare covered it, apparently. Kahuroa 05:03, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)
I'll take that as "yes", though it may be merely a compliment to some of my early work here. Either way, I'm confident you're improving this wiki in great style! Robin Patterson 22:21, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

"Āwhinatanga" section and related pages[edit source]

In reply to the question in the edit summary: no, it's had a long history (since before my time), but it could now be better moved to Wikipedia:Tomokanga_hapori and integrated with what's there: initially maybe just moved to be another heading just before "Other points" then maybe integrated with the earlier para "Improvements wanted".

We seem not to have a "How you can help this Wikipedia" page yet. Worth considering, maybe? People who are well qualified could write what they think learners could do best (with minimal nuisance value).

Robin Patterson 01:06, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

I was just thinking that it has been superceded by the messages that appear at the bottom of the pages when certain tags are used. Kahuroa 05:04, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

Whitu/Ono rānei[edit source]

According to the text, Te Manihera identified seven dialects in the North Island, but the table only mentions six. Is there are a reason for this, should text be edited? Kahuroa 11:00, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

I've been wondering why his table had only six, but I guess his "Rarawa" was "less distinguished" and so not worth squeezing into the table.
"Preface to First Edition [February 1842; as printed in fourth edition]
"Independently of minute and numerous subdivisions, it may, perhaps, be correct to state that there are spoken in this, the northern island, seven leading dialects, each more or less distinguished from the other, viz.: ..."
Maybe one day I will scan and republish the whole book if nobody beats me to it... Robin Patterson 20:26, 30 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

Maunsell's table is not exactly as his typesetter left it[edit source]

One of us has dropped to lower-case all of his capital letters in the body of the table, changed his "and" and "&" to commas, changed his "East Cape" heading and introduced a few macrons and "‘" characters (some replacing his hyphens). One of us changed the spelling of at least one word, probably to what Te Manihera intended. Anyone who really wants to see the original can ask me to scan it, I suppose. Robin Patterson 22:43, 31 Haratua 2006 (UTC)

Actually I was the one who dropped to lower-case all of his capital letters in the body of the table and changed his "and" and "&" to commas, and did all the other changes mentioned above. Since the text doesn't explicitly claim to reproduce the table as Te Manihera produced it, I felt we could take these liberties in the interest of readability and a step or two towards phonetic/phonemic accuracy etc. And I did a great job in improving the look of the table Kahuroa 06:54, 1 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)
My apologies. I guess I hadn't looked at it properly in the last 19 months. Robin Patterson 07:44, 1 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)

Links[edit source]

Is there any reason the links have English descriptions of their content? It would seem to be any description should be in Te reo Māori rather then English. It might be wise to copy them and their English descriptions to the English version of course 14:07, 6 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)

You are totally right. I was getting around to that, but I get a bit tired sometimes with fixing old things up rather than adding new content to this wiki. They probably don't need added descriptions anyway, its a bit hand-holdy - generally better to let the linked site speak for itself, if it needs a description then its probably not a good site. Kahuroa 19:21, 6 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)