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Nō Wikipedia Māori

Ko te reo Māori anake te reo whai mana o tēnei paetukutuku. Whakamāoritia te reo o tēnei whārangi.

That will look nice and familiar. Now maybe Brian can give us a tutorial on how it works - using WP:A perhaps. Robin Patterson 04:46, 5 January 2006 (UTC)

to use[takatā pūtake]

Quick tutorial on use - will improve later

To make a shortcut to Wikipedia:Kaiwhakahaere

Put {{shortcut|[[WP:A]]}} on the Wikipedia:Kaiwhakahaere page, then make a redirect (#REDIRECT [[Wikipedia:Kaiwhakahaere]]) on the WP:A page. When a user goes to/searches WP:A, they will then be redirected to Wikipedia:Kaiwhakahaere.