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Kia ora koutou / mō ngā pū[edit source]

Kia ora koutou. Ka pai! He tino taonga tēnei Wiki o tātou. Engari e hoa mā, he hē i roto i ētahi o ngā hononga - pēnā ki te kupu 'Tüpato': kei te hē te pū 'ü'. Ki tōku nei whakaaro, pai ake kia whakamahia e tātou te ū, pēnā: Tūpato. Pēnā hoki nga hononga ki ngā whārangi e rua nei: te 'körero nehe' me te 'puri türanga'.

Kāore e taea e au te whakatika - mā tētahi o ngā kaiwhakahaere Māori pea? Kahuroa 01:10, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

Kia ora, e hoa! In the early days of this wiki there was even more use of umlaut/diaeresis where the modern standard is the macron. You may have seen some of the discussions of it above or on other pages. The only disadvantage of replacing with macrons is that not all browsers can read them. I have had that trouble here at my home PC, with rectangles in place of all ten macron characters. That's why I haven't been changing them; the umlauts are more readable than the rectangles. But I'm content to let any other administrators change them.
Some of the wording of the interface links may be worth changing while we are at it. I think it was mostly created by a couple of enthusiastic Americans who knew how to use a dictionary but may not have got the local idiom quite right. You're welcome to list any you think have a better version used on other sites.
Robin Patterson 02:39, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

The whole umlaut/macron/Windows/Mac thing has always been a nightmare! The first attempts at Māori fonts were hacks changing umlauts into fake macrons and of course if you didn't have the hacked font you got umlauts. I think the idea originated with the Hawaiians with their hacked Haw-fonts. But hopefully Unicode will gradually sort all this (Yeah right) Kahuroa 12:43, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

I wonder maybe it would be a good idea to have on mi: a conversion system, like on sr: or zh:, only it will ultra simple on mi:, as it would only involve 10 characters. That conversion system would add two tabs to each page, one to see it using macrons, one to see it using diaeresis. Then, a special tag would be needed to mark real diaeresis (eg, like in german name "Köln") and real macrons (I mean, from text not in maori, eg from a city name in Latvia) so they are not converted. Such sysem would allow reading, but also writting, using either macrons or diaeresis, and the system will convert them (unless tagged as not convertible) and store only macrons.

Srtxg 23:05, 10 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)

Request for article in Maori from English wikipedian.[edit source]

Whakamāoritia te reo Pākehā i tenei whārangi. This page may contain English-language content that should be translated into Maori.

I would like to ask if someone could possibly produce a Maori article about Radio New Zealand International, or as I believe they used to call themselves on their stickers, Te reo irirangi o Aotearoa o te moana Nui-a-kiwa... I think there's an english article somewhere, but would love to see it in Maori. Regards, Thor Malmjursson (english Wiki)

He ingoa ano?[edit source]

Waho i te papakupu he wairua ano a nga kupu kua whakatakotoria. Ana, kua tapaina a ratau wharangi penei na e nga tari kawantanga. He whakaaro ano tera. Nei ra ka hiahia kautau i tetehi ingoa, pehea te 'wharangi a hapori'. Ki taku ko te nuinga ka tae mai no nga kura no nga wharekura no nga whare wananga, a to ratau matatau hoki. Kia kite ratau kua tapaina penei na kaore ratau e u. He whakaaro noa. Te Karere 13:08, 11 Noema 2011 (UTC)Te Karere 09:54, 12 Noema 2011 (UTC)

Tomokanga hapori[edit source]

Are we ready to translate the name of this page and the links thereto? Portal = tomokanga (entrance) and hapori = community. Kahuroa 11:10, 26 Hui-tanguru 2006 (UTC)

"Tomokanga" (vide Williams) also means the capture or sack (of a pā). Some interesting metaphors could be used to bring that meaning in too. I'm easy! (The English interface users will still see "Community portal", of course; but a memorable page name in Te Reo, with a translation in small print near the top, could aid learning.) Robin Patterson 11:26, 26 Hui-tanguru 2006 (UTC)
Even in the examples Williams (and other dictionaries) gives where Tomokanga is said to mean sacking, the translation 'entrance' is still possible - the idea of sacking is obviously a metaphor in that once the enemy reached the tomokanga, it was all over...

For instance Wms entry Capture, sack of a pā has the example 'heoi ano ka tupu hei whawhai; whawhai nei, a tae noa ki te tomokanga o te pā o Houmai-tawhiti...' which could be translated very literally as 'And so fighting broke out; they fought on, arriving at last at the tomokanga of Houmai-tawhiti's pa.... You could replace tomokanga there with 'gateway' OR 'sacking' as you see fit.

Ngata gives Tomokanga as Portal.

Here are some sites using Tomokanga as 'Portal' or Entrance/Entry. This makes me think that Tomokanga might be gaining the specialised mean of Portal in computerspeak: (several times)

Another option is Kūaha or Kūwaha. That would also be ok I think, but I thought Tomokanga hapori sounded a bit crisper than Kūaha hapori - but either way is ok. Yet another is Waharoa but that can mean 'you big mouth' Kahuroa 12:45, 26 Hui-tanguru 2006 (UTC)

Convincing. Done. Robin Patterson 05:09, 28 Hui-tanguru 2006 (UTC)

Links to here from other sites[edit source]

Pleasing to see that the Smile City Weblinks "site" - - still has a link to our [[Wikipedia:Tomokanga hapori in its "Information" category. I haven't checked whether I've sneaked it into any other categories, but I mention this site on the Forum occasionally. Robin Patterson 05:09, 28 Hui-tanguru 2006 (UTC)

Whānautanga[edit source]

I come across "whānautanga" (delivery/birth process/act of birth) occasionally on this wiki in biographies etc - i guess it is supposed to mean 'date/year of birth' (rā whānau). Just wondering is it on a template somewhere that can be fixed? Kahuroa 08:58, 7 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)

found some on the year pages and fixed recent ones at least. Hopefully the others can be corrected as we come across them.Kahuroa 10:07, 7 Pipiri 2006 (UTC)

He Hapa kei te Whārangi Pūtere[edit source]

There is an internal link to a deleted page on the Community Portal. As the page is protected, would the administrators please remove the link Wikipedia:Tuhipānui Māori i te Wikipedia Pākehā in the Hei whakamāori, hei whakapai section? Many thanks.--Te Karere 03:26, 16 Noema 2011 (UTC)